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Post #10 - Posted on: Sunday. November 02, 2008
By: Jim Gartin

Dear Jim I have set up my google account to forward any hits on my nmae and your site keeps coming up so I thought i would take a minute and introduce myself. I live in Ann Arbor, Mi. I am the President & CEO of the Lenawee County Economic Developemnt Corporation. Our group works with existing companies to help them grow and to attract new busineses into our area. I have enjoyed your sculpture and painting on your web site, you are quite talented. My family comes from Columbus,Ohio through West Virginia back in the 20's. Since I have established the google account I have recieved information on Gartin's in 12 different states. I hope this finds you well and your family well! James Paul Gartin

Post #6 - Posted on: Sunday. December 16, 2007
By: Aristide Pigeon

Hello Wonderfull sculpture, great work. We live north in the Province of Quebec, Canada. We surely will drive to your place next summer to have a look at your sculpture. We are a retired couple and have start a colection of bronze and rezin sculpture, animals and western subject. Have a nice holidays and kept us posted Ary Pigeon

Post #5 - Posted on: Wednesday. January 24, 2007
By: LeAnn S

Hello, First time viewer here for your art work and I have to say I have enjoyed looking at it. Espeically the North American and Sporting Dogs Sculptures. I am a great lover of animals and glad to see that there are other people out there that find the same interest in animals as I do. Keep up the wonderful art work. Take care, LeAnn

Post #4 - Posted on: Thursday. March 23, 2006

Post #3 - Posted on: Monday. May 02, 2005
By: Walt Wojtowicz

Hi Jim, I just thought I'd just say hello. I saw some information about you in an advertizement for the Adirondak show. I'm retired now also, although I'm back to GE part time. I may not be able to make the show, but I still thought I'd contact you. Regards, Walt Wojtowicz

Post #2 - Posted on: Wednesday. March 23, 2005
By: Karin Cook

No need to tell us your schedule. I just found it here.

Post #1 - Posted on: Monday. October 18, 2004

I think your work is really great but I would like to know more about each piece that would make me feel it is special. Also the print is kind of small for my tired old eyes. I have seen you at many prominent shows and do not understand your disclaimer that says you go nowhere and don't think much of your own work. My recollection is that you were always one of the best displays at each show. Hope to see you in Reno where I am a major buyer you type of art. PS I think the price of your bronze moose is too low. A friend of mine might be interested if it was priced around $4,900.