Wildlife Sculpture
by James Carlson Gartin

"Moose Parade" -Bronze Sculpture Wildlife Sculpture - Wildlife Sculpture by James Carlson Gartin
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"Moose Parade"
See this piece of artwork at Bennington Center for the Arts, Vermont

Jim Gartin does representational wildlife sculpture suitable for table, mantel or wall. He strives to depict motion, drama and interaction in his sculptures. He will be glad to produce any suggested wildlife subject for the decor of one's home.

Each work is produced as limited editions in both resin and bronze. When a mold is made of an original clay sculpture, Jim first casts a resin copy and hand paints it in oil paints. This is done as a study to determine how a bronze copy may look before casting. Some people regard the resin castings as finished pieces since the price can be less than a third that of a bronze. As an art form in themselves they may be thought of as a three dimentional painting. As a study they may be sufficient for a customer to order a bronze casting of that sculpture.

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